Site Optimization

Let’s face it, a slow site is bad for business. It’s also bad for Search Engine ranking. If you run a blog, your readers may not stick around to read, and if you run a business, you order basket might cause them to give up purchasing an order or not have time to finish.

One of the biggest culprits is images, the other is widgets. To repair widgets, we suggest going to our Marketing Services section and opting in for SEO services.

For Images however, we do offer various solutions to repair those pesky loading times:


CSS Sprites Creation

With this package, we will take all your buttons and regularly displayed images for all your pages and create CSS Sprites. This means, we’ll put all your images into 1 file and have the code pull up the necessary section of the file. It’ll only have to load once, will be done quickly and efficiently, and best of all, your users will never notice the difference.

We will merge and optimize your images, then provide you with a guide to replace the necessary sections of your site.



Individualized Image Optimization

The other issue you may have is many images that are just too big and too slow to load. This can be family pictures, headers, uploaded photos, buttons, widgets, etc. Seeing as the are so many applications out there that give you such large images, we figured we’d fix them and make them optimized for the Web!


Request and quotes, or consultations to help you get your site optimized can be made by simply contacting us directly

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