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Marketing and SEO is not a one time fix. Instead of offering single “fixes” and doing all the work once, which we know won’t last, we offer consultation services. We take a look at your site, see where the issues are and provide a report of those issues. Then we work with you, one on one, to teach you how to resolve those issues and prevent them from happening again. Teach you to fish.

Since there are many areas in which you can work, we’ve broken it down to a few select areas for easy reference:


On-Page SEO

The way your site is organized, and how each type of tag is being used. This is essentially coding issues where you aren’t leveraging some of the more important organizing section to help you rank well in search engines. We suggest you view our 5 SEO Tags to Remember post, which details a great deal of this information.


SiteMap and Tools Setup

Submitting your sitemaps to various search engines help ensure that updated content is directly submitted to them regularly. We also setup a number of essential blogging tools to help you continue your journey with the information you need.


WordPress SEO

Plugins are your friend here. We’ll teach you which plugins are best, and how to configure them to help get the most out of your WordPress Blog.


Blogger SEO

Blogger has some of the worst code we’ve seen for SEO, but it is fixable. We honestly recommend that you do a WordPress Transfer instead, it is a free service, otherwise we’ll help you get your blogger blog all updated!

Consultations can be made by simply contacting us directly

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