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WordPress is a powerful and easy to use platform for both Bloggers and Businesses alike. As we’d outlined in our post “7 Reason to Switch to WordPress“, it is also a wonderful place to begin monetizing your internet activity. Setting up a WordPress site is a wonderful experience, but it can be complicated, and if not done right, costly in both followers and SEO.

We offer WordPress Transfers and Setups for FREE. This means, your pages, posts, comments and widgets are not left behind if you already have a blog, or we can setup the system for you quickly and efficiently and ensure that all the necessary options are in place so that you start off right.

Of course, we have your best interests in mind so we don’t stop there. We transfer your SEO with the proper types of redirects to ensure ALL your visitors come to your new site. This is not a simple “We have moved page”, it is an instant transfer. Meaning, if someone types in your old address, they get your new page without any intervention. These types of redirects are also very important to ensure that Search Engines know you’ve moved permanently, and to transfer all you previous information to the new URL.

Here’s what we’ll transfer or setup if you chose us:

  • Transfer Custom Widgets
  • Setup Permalinks (These are important for SEO purposes)
  • Setup SEO 301 Blogger Redirects (Those special redirects)
  • All Published Posts, Pages and Comments
  • FeedBurner Feeds
  • Transfer information for your followers and Social Media information
  • Setup 5 Themes to get you started and the important Plugins to ensure you have what you need.

The Best Part? We Transfer to WordPress for FREE! All you have to do sign up with one of our affiliated web hosts, whom we’ve already investigated and use, and we’ll do all the transferring for you!

We also recommend getting a good theme or framework setup. Th Best Framework we’ve worked with so far is the Genesis Theme Framework. Fast and power, this framework has┬áproven┬áto be amazing in every respect, and is used on many blogs including this one!

Custom services are offered by simply contacting us directly

Disclosure: ChristiaTech is compensated financially by any affiliate links listed above.

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