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Hopes for many bloggers is the possibility of creating income and work from home. Many stay at home moms will be experts on the subject as they attempt to help support their families from home. But is there a science to monetize a blog? Is it just a question of linking to many affiliates and AdSense ads all over your pages and posts? There is much more involved to really generate a steady income for a blog.

First thing you need to know is that a blog in many directions will go nowhere. Stick to a plan, a specific topic and focus on that. If you are going to blog on parenting, do so. If you want to blog about helping people blog, don’t talk about parenting, they are unrelated. Some blogs I’ve seen will go the route of many directions, and will not be found for any of them.

You as a blogger need to know some important key factors for your blog to make money:

  1. Be seen by search engines and community members
  2. Be relevant so that others will want to link to your content and update often
  3. Be engaging so that visitors participate and come back to see what’s happened

The first point of being seen is one of the more difficult tasks. This is essentially marketing, and there are teams of people who spend lifetimes learning how to do it effectively. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most searched terms for internet marketing, and it is important. How you present your content, how often, how it’s formatted and what you focus on are all relevant to being seen in search engines. We’ll talk about this in later posts as well, but for now, just keep in mind that SEO is a must for any site to do well and rank high in search engines. Social media is also a huge marketing platform, and which ones you choose is entirely up to you.

The second, is also important. The number of links from sites that are relevant to yours determines how much influence you have in any specific subject. Search engines like Google will rank you based on these links and SEO and list you in their search results according to that content’s keywords. So being relevant means that if your going to rank well, your going to need to stay on topic, and people of the same mind will need to refer to you. Paying for links through many sites will gain you almost nothing, but gaining just a few links from high ranking or high traffic sites that are relevant to your blog will gain you much more prestige and PageRank. The more content you have, the more people will link to you, and the more often you update your content, the more often search engines will track you and add to your ranking.

The last is very important in helping you keep alive. The more times people visit your page, the more chances you have at exposing what you monetize (Ads, referrals, links, affiliates, etc) and the more revenue you’ll generate. There repeat “customers” need to have something to come back too or your bouncerate (the percentage of people who come to your site, look and leave without going to another page) will be through the roof. Yes, bouncerates for blogs is normally high, but you can still help reduce it by starting discussions, asking questions and offering advice. Sharing makes people want to share, so be honest, and be consistent.

All in all, these three items are paramount to monetize your blog, and if you don’t have a plan, you won’t get very far or make very much. We will explore each point in more depth over the coming weeks, but remember to plan ahead for anything you wish to do with your blog or websites. It can take months to catch up the work, so if you do it right from the start, you won’t have to change everything.

What are you targeting for revenue from your site?

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