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There are many ranking systems on the web aimed at putting relevant sites at the top of certain searches. Others, do that, and also rank you according to traffic, offer reviews and track progress. Alexa is one of those ranking services that is based on traffic. The more traffic you have, the lower your ranking (lower is better with Alexa). Most sites never go under 10 million, simply because they don’t rank well on search engines, others get really good scores (less than 100,000) because they are viewed so often.

To get your Alexa rank to go down, there are a few things you can do. First, you can put their widgets on your site. They may not be pretty but many have reported as much as a 20% drop in Alexa ranking only a week after adding the widget.

Second, add the Alexa toolbar or app to your browser. This will help Alexa track visits on your site, from not only other computers, but your own as well. You can get others you know to install this by visiting the Alexa site for their toolbar and then having them visit you again. Many will do this by doing “Alexa Hops”, similar to Blog Hops, but specific to lowering everyone’s Alexa scores.

The third, and probably hardest to complete, is to get people to review your site. The more people that review you on Alexa, the more people find you and visit you, which will of course lower your Alexa ranking.

The benefits of having a low Alexa ranking is seen mainly in advertising. The lower your score, the more advertisers want to use your site to promote their products. Many people will base your exposure on this score and will give you free items to review and giveaway. Others will pay you simply to post a review of their product because advertisers know from your rank that you have an audience.

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