7 Reasons to switch from Blogger to WordPress

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So many people wonder what the benefits of WordPress are, after all, a WordPress transfer doesn’t just mean moving your site from one place to another, but using an entirely new system. Here are 7 of the more important reasons to seriously consider moving to WordPress:


7 – Support

On top of having a huge reference for WordPress on the WordPress.org Codex itself, you have documentation, books, forums, theme developers, widget creators, SEO professionals, programming gurus and designers all available throughout the web to help with any issue you can ever imagine. Premium theme developers, such as those at ChristiaTech also offer support in all their themes so that when new features are added, you still have someone ready to help! Being so open source has it’s advantages!!


6 – Available widgets

The number of available widgets on WordPress far outnumbers the ones on Blogger or other blogging sites. Even if it doesn’t exist, you can create it and share on the community database! Blogger does have the “text” widget to add your own scripts, however this is limited and cannot tap into the already existing Blogger core. This slows your site down and becomes cumbersome to your design.


5 – Faster code

Because WordPress releases their core code, you are hosting the entire system from your site. There is no “special filter” to go through or third party processing. It’s all yours! Because of this, the system is faster and when you add your widgets or themes, you’re tapping into that fast system with fast code. Your site loads on average 300% faster!


4 – SEO

SEO is what makes you visible in search engines. The basic Blogger code is not SEO friendly (even if it is owned by Google) and even if you do the work to correct it, if you add a widget or change your themes, you’re back to square one and have to redo your code all over again. WordPress has hundreds of widgets and themes that make these settings available from the start, and you can change it easily. Even if you add widgets or themes, your changes stay!! Many theme designers even incorporate SEO into their designs and give you all the tools you need from the start!


3 – Advertising

Advertising is what makes a blogger money, or business for that matter (WordPress is actually a choice for many businesses because of it’s flexibility) and some ads are not allowed on other blog hosting sites like Blogger. Some code is not allowed because the Blogger system is owned by someone else. They can say “you only use AdSense” and nothing else. Which is not bad business since it makes THEM more money. With so many options available for advertising, why limit yourself to only AdSense? Monetizing your blog can be a lucrative business, and without the tools to do this, you’ll never be able to excel.


2 – Themes, CSS and Features

Though you can currently add CSS and Themes to your Blogger designs, you are limited in how you do so. You are also limited in how customized you make your design and themes look; how well your whole site works together. This reduces your speed, and your appeal!¬†You should have the freedom to choose how you look, what you put up and how you say it in every detail. With Google’s blogger, you never know if they may stop supporting a feature (such as custom CSS or themes) with the perfect recent example of Google Friend Connect being eliminated in March 2012. Without this control, Blogger itself could stop being supported, and your blog shut down without warning.

With WordPress, you’re hosting, so no one can ever take it away or stop supporting your features. It’ll always be there. The best part is that blog themes and frameworks, such as the Genesis Framework, are all built for performance and professionalism!


1 – You own it!

The single most important fact is that if you host on Blogger, you don’t own anything. Google does, and if they choose to shut you down, they can! You never own it, even if you buy your “.com” domain – they still own your content. WordPress is free, not only in charges, but in rights to distribute, reproduce and modify. Your content, is owned by you. Your content is yours, your theme is yours, your CSS, HTML, PHP, Databases and custom designs, all yours (even if you bought it from someone else, it’s still yours) which is the beauty of WordPress, your own it all, including the site domain and specialties that make you unique.

Why give control to your hard work to anyone else?

If you’re interest in switching to WordPress, check out our free WordPress Transfer¬†services here.

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