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There are so many different types of Social Media platforms these days, but it is rare to find people who don’t know about Facebook or Twitter. These two seem to be at the top of community because of their simplicity. But how do you integrate these into your site? The first of course, is linking to your Facebook and Twitter profiles, such as “Check out our Facebook page” or “Follow me on Twitter“. There are also tons of other options that make it easier, such as follow buttons, like buttons, sharing buttons, etc. Feel free to try these:

As you can see, the above makes terribly easy for people to follow you on many platforms, and it doesn’t end there. LinkedIn, Squidoo, Blog Frog, NetworkedBlogs, Google+, and many others offer same types of buttons. You need to be sure that you make these visible and easy for readers to follow or add you. The simpler it is, the more followers you’ll gain!

On top of all this, you can also include your social media feeds directly on your site, letting everyone know the details without ever leaving your site. Experiment with what works, add them in different locations, see what comes of things and above all, ask for feedback on everything. The more people participate, the more people will join in, after all, who doesn’t want to be part of a community of friends?

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