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As the web continues to expand, so do the possibilities. With all that’s possible to market your site, be found through search engines and monetize your Blog, where do you start? The first thing you need to know is that Social Media is the largest growing platform for which sites are found and marketed. Without integrating Social Media, your site is still living under a rock. If you are blogging, one platform to consider is Technorati. This platform is essentially a blog search engine, and here’s how it works.

Google works with taking into consideration how many links out in the web link back to your site directly. Depending on the number of links from relevant sites, it ranks you higher (PageRank) along with other criteria of course. Technorati is similar, however instead of links, it’s likes you receive from others. The more likes you have, the more relevant you are.

Once you create a profile, you’ll add your blog to it, and request a “Claim”. You’ll get a token, similar to GWZ48CVZYMX2 and have to add this to a blog post so that Technorati can read it and identify that you are the owner of this blog. Eventually, you’ll get indexed and start the all important popularity contest to get more likes than anyone else. Popularity is also how many people visit you, look for you or continue to follow you.

Sounds easy? That part is, but it’s not over. On top of simply registering your blog, using technorati tags will also help propel your site through the rankings. Using specifically targeted keywords, such as WordPress, and doing so early in your post, will also help you rank well. It essentially the same as Google. Use your keywords, get liked (+1) and get people reading you through marketing strategies, all while working in keywords and staying relevant to specific topics. If you talk about too many things, you’ll rank low for them all.

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