The Truth about SEO

SEO Confusion

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization is more of an art than a skill. It depends on a wide variety of factors, and is not a 1 time fix. Though we do offer a 1 time SEO fix for websites, this is to repair current issues with code and content. It will not guarantee you page 1 on any search engine, but will definitely improve your chances.

Long term, we offer you a marketing strategy based on your site’s subject. We tell you what you should be doing to help improve your rankings and where to focus your energy. This means, though we’ll fix what’s broken now, you have work to do to make sure it doesn’t break again. You need a marketing strategy! You need good keyword research and optimize your links, titles, headers and posts to reflect that strategy. You also need to optimize your loading times and images.

Those who would promise you that a single fix on your page will get you 100% SEO forever, or rank you #1 on Google, Yahoo!, Bing or any other sites are only trying to scam you out of hundreds of dollars. If they submit your site to hundreds or thousands of search engines, again, scam. If they charge you over $600 to transfer your blog from Blogger to WordPress, they are literally stealing from you!

We do Blogger to WordPress transfers for free because this is a simple process that does not take long. We let the web hosts we use pay a small fee for the service instead, and you gain a site and only have to pay for the hosting services. Something you’d have to do no matter who you chose to do the work.

When choosing a consultant, always remember, if he promises you the world, he has nothing to offer you!

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